Medley Roll or Honour

Mixed 1959 - 1976

The League was started in 1959 as a mixed league, with two divisions and teams of three mixed pairs, each pair playing each opposing pair in the best of three games up to 15 points.
SeasonDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4Div 5Div 6Div 7Div 8Div 9Div 10Div 11Div 12
1960-61TorquayFurrough XPaignton
1962-63TorquayPaigntonMarine B
1963-64TorquayMarine AKingstor
1964-65TorquayEastcliffeHampton BPaignton C
1965-66TorquayMarine ADart Vale ADartmouth
1966-67TorquayN.Abbot ADartmouthDawlish
1967-68TorquayMarine AAdelphi AChudleighT.Chalet
1968-69TorquayN.Abbot AP’ton BlueN.Abbot BCross Fs
1969-70P’ton RedD’mouth AN.Abbot BN.Abbot CT.Chalet BTorquay B
1970-71Torquay AP’ton WhiteT.Chalet ATotnes AN.Abbot DTotnes BIlsington
1971-72Torquay AT.Chalet AChudleighT.Chalet BTorquay BIlsington ACentraxBrixham
1972-73P’ton RedP’ton WhiteTotnes AAdelphi AIlsington ADart Vale BDaw Vale ATotnes CMem. Hall
1973-74P’ton RedMarine ADart Vale ATorquay BTotnes BAdelphi BHampton CMarine DAshburtonDartington
1974-75P’ton RedP’ton White ChudleighCross F’s ADaw Vale ABrixham BCross F’s BA. Saints BBovey TraceyS. HayneB’ham B
1975-76P’ton RedChud AHampton BT. Chalet BBrixham BAll Saints AMarine DAdelphi DSeale HayneBrixham BM. Hall BChud B

Medley League 1976 - 1985

Medley format at the request of county players to include men’s and ladies’ games.
SeasonDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4 LDiv 4RDiv 5LDiv 5RDiv 6LDiv 6RDiv 7LDiv 7RDiv 8L
Div 8RDiv 9LDiv 9RDiv 10LDiv 10R
1976-77Paignton RedMarine ACross Fths AIlsington AMarine BN.Abbot DMarine CEastgateBrixham BRanscombeChudleigh B
Dawlish B
1977-78Paignton RedDawlish AT. Chalet BBrixham AAll Saints ADart Vale AT. Chalet CCross Fs. CMarine DDawlish DAvenue Methodists
1978-79Paignton RedN.Abbot AMarine BDaw Vale AMarine CMarine DRacqueteersAv MethdistsDawlish BSt M/Ch AAbbotskerswell
St Marychurch B
Marine E
Ilsington B
1979-80Paignton RedTorquay ATotnes ATorquay BPaignton BlueAdelphi CDartmouthSt M/Ch AA/kerswell ASt M/Ch BTorbay YMCA
Coombe Vale A
Racqueteers B
Trumlands B
1980-81Torquay AP’ton WhiteP’ton BlueAdelphi AAll Saints ACross Fs. BMarine DKingsdown ADaw Vale BIlsington BDawlish C
Torbay Press
T.Chalet Soc Club

Daw Vale D

1981-82Paignton RedTotnes AIlsington ABrixham ADawlish BAdelphi BP’ton GoldAdelphi CDawlish CT’bay Press AStokenham
St Gregory’s
Daw Vale D
Coombe Vale B
Abbotskerswell B
1982-83Paignton RedP’nton BlueTorquay BP’ton GoldDaw Vale AC. Vale AA’kerswell AStokenhamT’bay Prs AT Ch S CBrixham B
Racqueteers B
Marine E
Coombe Vale D
Paignton Green
Seale Hayne B
1983-84Paignton RedTotnes AAdelphi AC. Vale ACross Fs. AAdelphi BRacqueteersCross Fs. CDart Vale AC’mbe Vale BMarine E

Coombe Vale C
Cross Fs. D
Paignton Green
Torbay Press C
Coombe Vale F
1984-85Paignton RedT. Chalet AC. Vale AMarine CChudleigh ACross Fs. BAdelphi CMarine EC’be Vale BCircus AAbbotskerswell BAbbotskerswell C
Paignton Green
Circus B
YMCARacqueteers C

Medley League 1985 - 1992

Divisional Changes
SeasonDiv 1Div 2Div 3LDiv 3RDiv 4lDiv 4RDiv 5LDiv 5RDiv 6LDiv 6RDiv 7LDiv 7RDiv 8LDiv 8RDiv 9
1985-86Paignton RedC. Vale AMarine CCross Fs. ABrixham ACross Fs. BStokenhamC. Vale BCircus AA’kerswell BBradley Barton A
Paignton Green
Circus B
Acorn A
Acorn B
1986-87Paignton RedTorquay BCross Fs. BDaw Vale AC. Vale BStokenhamA’kerswell BTotnes DP’ton GreenC. Vale DAcorn A
Hampton B
Cross Fs. E
Newton Abbot C
1987-88Paignton RedCross Fs. AT. Shuttles AA’kerswell AAdelphi AHampton ADaw Vale BT. Sh’les DAcorn AHampton BCross Fs E
Chudleigh B
Brixham C
1988-89Paignton RedTotnes ATotnes BBrixham AA’kerswell BT. Stles CSGregorys ADart Vale AChudleigh BAcorn BCircus C
Brixham C
Acorn C
1989-90Marine AA’kswell AHampton AT.Shtls AMarine CCircus AN. Abbot AA’kerswell CCary ABrixham CBuckfast A
Abbotskerswell DBrixham D
1990-91Paignton RedP’ton WhiteTotnes BMarine CHampton BTotnes CChudleigh BTotnes DAcorn CBuckfastHampton C
1991-92Torquay AMarine BD.V.K’dn AAdelphi AP’ton BlueAdelphi BCary AHampton CCary BTotnes E

Medley League 1992 - 1997

Divisional Changes
SeasonDiv 1Div 2Div 3LDiv 3RDiv 4LDiv 4RDiv 5LDiv 5RDiv 6LDiv 6R
1992-93Paignton RedTorquay BT. Shuttles BMarine CCary AChudleighDartmouthDart Vale AAdelphi BAdelphi C
1993-94Paignton RedTotnes AC’mbe Vale AHampton AT. Shuttles CN. Abbot AN.Abbot BC’be Vale BThe Abbots
1994-95Paignton RedC’be Vale AAdelphi AP’ton BlueC’mbe Vale BDart Vale ATotnes DHampton CN. Abbot C
1995-96Paignton RedP’ton BlueCaryAcornN. Abbot AB. BartonN. Abbot CC’be Vale C
1996-97Paignton RedCV/TorquayD.Vale KdnAdelphi ATotnes DN. Abbot BChudleigh B

Medley League 1997 - Current

SeasonDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4Div 5Div 6
1997-1998Paignton RedMarine BP’ton BlueAdelphi BChudleigh BCircus
1998-1999Paignton RedTotnes BD.Vale Kdn AD.Vale KdnBT.Shls. CCentral
1999-2000Paignton RedD.Vale Kdn AD.Vale Kdn BDartmouthD.Vale Kdn CAcorn B
2000-2001Paignton RedT.Shuttles AChudleigh ATotnes CAcorn B
2001-2002Paignton RedAcorn APaignton BlueAcorn B
2002-2003Paignton RedChudleighD.Vale Kdn BCircus B
2003-2004Paignton RedAcorn ATotnes BCentral
2004-2005Paignton RedMarine BCircusAcorn B
2005-2006Paignton RedTotnes AKingsteignton
2006-2007Paignton RedP’ton WhiteCircus
2008-2009Paignton RedP’ton WhiteKingsteignton
2009-2010Paignton RedD.Vale KdnCircus
2010-2011Marine ACircus ATotnes B
2011-2012Marine AAdelphi ACircus B
2012-2013Marine APaignton BlueChudleigh
2013-2014Marine ATotnesBroadmeadow
2014-2015Paignton RedPaignton Blue
2015-2016Paignton Red Totnes
2016-2017Marine A DVKPaignton Gold
2017-2018Paignton Red Chudleigh A