Join Us

If you run a badminton club in the Torbay area and are thinking of joining the Torbay District Badminton Association our committee members will be happy to help and guide you through the process.

Joining will allow your players access to the various leagues we run throughout the winter season and you can join in at a level that suits the standard of your clubs players.  If many of your players are new to competitive badminton, fear not… there will be a league division that will suit your club and help you enjoy a season of play.

Some join us as they get tired of playing the same people week in week out, they are looking for a new challenge!  We are convinced once you start playing league matches, you will be hooked – competitive play may be that little something you have been missing to give your badminton evenings that extra spark.  Others join because they enjoy the social aspect of match play, getting together with like minded individuals for a good evening sport, fitness and banter.

You do not need to be a large club to join the Torbay league, with just a small band of committed players you can create a badminton team.   We run four main leagues, each has various divisions playing differing ability levels.

  • The Men’s League:   A men’s team consists of just four men.  You play against each club in your division both ‘home’ and ‘away’.   In each match you partner up with each team mate in turn, to take on the opposing team, playing  a total of six best of three games.
  • The Ladies League:  Operates in exactly the same way as the Men’s league, you would need four ladies per team.
  • The Medley League:  Here we have a six person team, three men and three ladies.  You play three games of mixed doubles, three games of men’s and three ladies.
  • The Mixed League:  Again a six person team, three men and three ladies.  In mixed doubles pairings, you play each pairing from the opposing team.

If you think you may be interested please contact one of our committee members and start the ball rolling.  We are a very friendly bunch and will do our utmost to help and advise you.